Online business can simply be defined as a way of making money through internet. It should therefore be clear that any person who regularly browses the internet has all chances of earning online. The biggest advantage of online business is that we have thousands of ways to make money online. Time is also another fact to embrace when it comes to the advantage, you can work at your own free time and also automate some of your business to make you money while sleeping or on holiday.


  The Starting Point

In the starting point towards setting up an online business, many questions usually surface. However, to the beginner this questions are as important as the business itself. To starters therefore, no question should be left hanging without an answer. The product knowledge of online business is usually more important to a novice than it is to a proffessional.

Internet has thousands of different media of communication, and it is through this media that we transform our knowledge into money

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Online Biz And The Different Ways of Making Money

  The best thing about online business is that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to run the system. Most people have had the phobia of simple systems like generating an individual premium website or a unique blog, and some other vehicles and platforms that will make you money.

          Online Surveys                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We have simpler systems like joining survey companies that will pay you by simply giving your opinion on some questions they ask. You may wonder where they get their profit from. They are actually contracted by other companies that want to take data on the trending of their products. Survey companies usually pay peanuts and therefore can not sustain you especially for a living, forcing a majority to join multi survey companies in order to raise their figure. Most of this surveys though are not meant for our country, Kenya. If you've got some free time to spend answering some questions outside of your line of duty, it is then good to join some survey firms. By doing this you mainly gain knowledge on many products plus cash to spend. You may search for " Online surveys that pay in Kenya " on your google engine and you'll find several surveys that will pay you.    

       An Affiliate Program                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This is an automated program that brings together a Web advertiser and a Webmaster. Here, the affiliate is YOU! or you may refer to yourself as the Webmaster and your main working tool is your Website. The company you advertise for is known as the Web Advertiser. The webmasters, as affiliates, place the company's advertisements on their websites. You therefore must own an individual website in order to work on the affiliate program.  


   You may ask how the company places ads on your website, this is as simple as applying for affiliate program with any company or several companies. The easiest way to apply for an affiliate program is to go to search, then type in " product of the company + affiliate program ". If your website is about beauty products, for example, simply go to search and then type in " beauty product + affiliate program ". You will get thousands, if not more companies waiting to partner with you. 


  Some companies pay high commissions while others pay less, with most paying between 8% and 13%. Items with a high value may attract less percentage in commission, but the value of this commission will definitely ba higher than that of a small value item. It therefore becomes an advantage to affiliate with companies dealing with high value items.


  Since you can never start an affiliate program without a website, then, for sure you can never concentrate on everything you are reading now until you can be certain of developing your own web site. It is only in today's global advancement that you may create a completely free of charge website of your own with so much ease. Most of websites in the world today are created through 'wordpress' . To go through a well organized step by step tutorial on how to build your own free website, you may visit Other website builder are , , , , , and among others. Wordpress and simplesite gives you the best version though. Creating a website should therefore be as easy as abc. Most of the companies that offer affiliate programs do not accept free web platforms since this platforms have a risk of sinking with all you own in terms of a website. Therefore it is much safer to operate on a website that you own rather than a site that is owned by this platforms. You can purchase domains eg. .com, .net, .org  etc, from this platforms and they may also host you at some fee. The best platform in which you can buy a domain name plus hosting in Kenya is or alternatively get a customized website from a request to +254 770 088 007.


  For affiliate programs, you may need to open several accounts to enable your payments go through. The most common used method is paypal. Some use credit card or direct wire link to your bank account. Affiliate programs therefore remain one of the best method to make money online if only you equip yourself with the website knowledge, some few accounts and the will to educate people on the products you promote.     


With the little definition and information we now have about online business, we can appreciate the simplicity in which we can handle different forms of online businesses. Examples of different types of media platforms in which you may use in order to make money online are:-


  • Facebook Pages And Groups
  • Website Pages And Posts
  • LinkedIn
  • Google And Google+
  • Twitter


   This online platforms among many others as we shall see along our study are some of the best catch to online business. 


   My first lessons will concentrate on Affiliate Programs.

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